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"Personal" Pricing System

We will work with you to get an estimate on your costs

We operate a very simple pricing scale here at AOOTIP:

$25 an hour for Web Page construction*
*One Time Fee

$10 an hour added for personal logos

$10 an hour to maintain page (applicable to finished pages)

An average "Ad" style page averages out around 10 hours or $250.00

An example of this is a page we developed for Capitol Fax

This page cost our client $125 and cost about $15 a month to maintain.

A more complex Homepage for business needs and promotion can have a broader range of pricing:

Usually from $500 up/$50 to $100 a month maintaining fee

An example of this is the page we developed for Rock Legend Jerry Lee Lewis

We have many options for you on where and how you can host your page

Any and all questions can be directed to

Mr. Devin Miller at

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