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The Jerry Lee Lewis Survey Results

We had a good turnout on the first survey check out the new survey thats up!

Here are some of the results and answers:

Kalle Soderburg said:

"The Jerry Lee Official Homep1age is excellent!!"

Phil Overeem had this to say:

I teach 7th grade in Columbia and am a rabid Jerry Lee fan! I'd like to access his Fan Club and become a member. I loved how Jerry made his Marty Party appearance into a chaotic wonderful mess--rock on, Killer!

Another fan said:

The best I have ever seen, and I have seen many great acts since! I was right in the first line in front of the stage and no more than 3 feet from Jerry Lee. My hearing was dull for three days after the concert but it was the best live show I have ever seen-bar none!



A fan responded:

The KILLER is the best. When the croud is excited, it really lights his fire. He is the only living Rock N' Roll legend. If you've never been to see him perform, you don't know what you are missing. Everyone should see him at least once, so they will know what they are missing. There will never be another KILLER. HE'S HOT, JUST LIKE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE !!!!!!!!

Loni-Christine Elder:

I've been a Jerry Lee Lewis fan for awhile now and I'm very glad to see the Killer on the net. Keep up the good work.

Kenneth Yeo:

Cool page. Always been a fan of Jerry.

Another Fan right opinion:

The best performance ever witnessed!!!

Wayne Hackney had this to say:

Big fan of the Killer since early 50's

Another fan's comment : The greatest rock & roller on earth. And don't foget his country classics!

International Fan's comment:

Nottingham England 1983 I was called away with the Royal Navy to Granada and so my Mother went in my place. I was fortunate to get his autograph by writng to the theatre in advance. My mother informed me that the show was unbelievable!

Mack Shimmy:

heard that Jerry's latest album including 'miss mississippi andyou'. That's great! it was a good choise. Because I love Jimmy rodgers too.

Allison Gordey:

Great page! Jerry Lee is my idol!

Eric Pronovost :

Jerry Lee is the Best!!!!

Most everyone found the page through a seach engine.

Just about everyone that responded were die-hard fans.

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