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Jerry Lee Lewis Cyber Mailing List. vol. 1 number 2 2/4/98

Jerry Lee Lewis Fans and Friends,

I would first like to say "thanks" for visiting JLL Online and if you have any suggestions e-mail me JLL Online is a homepage that was commissioned by Mrs. Kerrie Lewis to be THE info base for Jerry Lee Lewis. We are going to have a new easier domain name soon....and hopefully some multi-media action. is some new info for y'all

NEW TOUR DATES: Jerry Lee's updated spring and summer schedule is posted now on the homepage. I will be getting more dates soon, and you will know about it first.

NEW NESBIT RANCH INFO: Check out the Nesbit Ranch Online page on JLL Online. If you didn't know, Nesbit, Mississippi is where the Killer resides. You can take a tour of his house that has all Jerry Lee's gold records, Pianos, Motorcycles, Pictures, Bear Skin Rug and many other cool things that you ain't gonna see anywhere but there.. Plus, unlike Graceland, the Killer still lives who knows what you may find......I have to say...I have been there, and it is worth the trip to Mississippi...make reservations and tell them Devin Miller sent ya!

NEW LYRICS: I have added about 12 new songs on the lyrics page. Soon I will be adding the songs keys to the page. I have had some trouble in the past with another homepages copying our lyrics from JLL Online and we ask that no one copy to another url or homepages.

NEW FAN CLUB INFORMATION: I have posted some new U.S.A. fan club information for everybody. You get quite a bit for the little money it costs to join. and, of course :) , if you join tell 'em Devin Miller for JLL Online sent ya.

WHAT IS COMMING UP ON JLL ONLINE We are going to try and have interviews with musicians, friends, and family of the Killer in 1998 online for you all to read and hopefully hear. I am going to try and get some real audio of Jerry Lee for the page. I have a few tricks up my sleeve :) Also.....I am back on top of this page..and updating at least twice a week....

A Classic JLL story sent in by a fan:

"As for stories, I sat front row center at a JLL show at the Saddlerack in San Jose, CA., a few years back. It was obvious Jerry hated the piano all through the show. He kept complaining about it to Kenny Lovelace. Well, it was late in the show, and the band was playing, and Jerry, picks up a whiskey bottle (with liquid in it, I think) and motions like he's gonna hit the keys with the bottle. Well, I was directly sitting where the glass would go, and I was scared, hoping he wouldn't. He lifted the bottle over the keys, then ..... pulled the bottle back. He may have even smiled at that point..."

News that hasn't been confirmed..a.k.a. rumors of the truth

JLL is suppossed to have a new country album out soon...produced by the great Jerry Kennedy. Too bad it wasn't Sam Phillips..but hey I'll take Jerry Kennedy any day too!!!

JLL might be going back to Europe for the Legends of Rock tour with Chuck Berry, Little Richard...if he does...I am getting a round trip ticket over there this time....its a shame we have to go overseas to see our greats, but the fans in Europe support these legends enough for them tour.

If you have any stories, facts, pictures, from shows, meetings, etc...I would like to hear from you and would like to share these stories with the other fans on the cyber mailing list. If you forgot, lost, or didn't have the url for JLL Online

I recommend you used Netscape for this page....especially if you have aol

Jerry Lee Lewis Cyber Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2 2/10/98

JLL Fans,

Well I got some inside information that there may be two rockin', rollin', movin', and a strollin' Jerry Lee Lewis shows at the House of Blues in Chicago April 3rd. The dates haven't been confirmed, but they are selling tickets through Ticketmaster. The promoters at the House of Blues do not have a good reputation and therefore things seem a little confused right now. I will let you know if anything changes. I recieved and e-mail from the one and only Jerry Lee Lewis original Fan Club president Kay Martin. Kay has seen and participated in rock'n'roll history many times, as she is a close personal friend of Mr. Lewis. Kay has been to many shows spanning decades and is a wealth of knowledge (plus she is one heck of a nice lady!). Kay has agreed to give us here at JLL Online a story from the good ol' days now and again and she was kind of enough to e-mail me this one yesterday. The story goes with a photo that I have attatched to the e-mail:

Here's a story for you about this photo, which was in either Robert Palmer's or the first book on Jerry by Robert Cain (?). It was taken in Wildwood, NJ in the summer of 1959 outside the club Jerry was playing called the Rip Tide (I think), doing 3-4 shows a day for two weeks. I took my vacation from work and stayed there; I was a fixture at every show and was the band's "go-fer" most of the time. Roland Janes was there on guitar; Leo Ladner played the bass. I do not remember offhand who was on drums, but some photos from that era may show who it was. Wildwood was a hot summer spot, and although Jerry was playing in a bar, many fans came to see him. He sang everything that occurred to him, from his songs to everyone else's, and "Big Legged Woman" was featured every night. He would pick somebody out in the crowd and sing it to her. The shows were as long as Jerry felt like playing; anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or more. He was having fun, certainly not making much money at the time. Yes, we had a wonderful time. Wildwood is a Jersey short resort with a boardwalk and amusement rides. The guy who ran the bumper cars recognized Jerry and let us all ride free for hours. Jerry really enjoys the bumper cars! As a matter of fact, my old Brownie Hawkeye camera, with which I took so many of the photos from that era, actually was broken beyond repair on one of those bumper car rides with Jerry -- in Coney Island some years later.

What a story! Thank ya Kay.

Devin Miller Webmaster